The Wish List: Why Gifting on a Date Should Be a New Tradition

Bringing a Gift From the Wish List

For almost three decades, online dating has been in circulation. For a long time, it was looked down upon, considered a “desperate” last attempt – this stigma has all but dissipated thanks to the growing appeal of online dating sites and applications. As technology evolves, more and more users are gaining access to smartphones, which translates to an estimated 53.3 million Americans expected to use internet dating services by 2024. With hundreds of services and apps flooding the internet, how can two people looking to meet “the one” stand out on a platform?

A 2022 Love Story

The dating world wasn’t always like this – in fact, there was a time when courtship and dating were a lot different. If you look back to the caveman’s time, they were one of the first recorded civilizations to give gifts when they wanted to show their dominance or affection. By giving these gifts, the men showed their ability to support and provide for a family – this was extra appealing to the females. The most common gifts given among the caveman culture were teeth and stones, which were considered keepsakes among this group.

Fast forward to 2022 – a new trend is emerging in the field of dating. For the most part, gift-giving on dates essentially died out. Don’t worry! This fad is coming back (like all good past trends). Now, the creation of wish lists makes it easier for first-dates to bring a gift – an offering that symbolizes the attention to detail and the expression of economic wellbeing.

wish list gifts for a date

Bringing a Gift From the Wish List

If you think about how a male peacock has extravagant feathers and uses them to catch the attention of the female peahen, you could look to wish list gifts in the same way. The suitor picks the most elegant gift from the wish list and presents it to his female prospect. He shows her that he pays attention to her wants and desires but chooses her higher-end tastes over the low-end ones.

The same works vice versa. Women can look at the wish list of the male (should he decide to create one) and bring a gift as well. Traditionally, this role was reserved for males. It’s 2022, though, so we have to keep our options open, right?

DrYnks and Wish List Dating

Curious about what types of gifts you might see on a wish list? The wish list lets you place the picture of the object, the price, and the name of the item so that those people looking at your profile can see exactly what you fancy. You may see wish list gifts as simple as chocolate up to and including jewelry.

DrYnks is your premium dating platform that brings sophisticated professionals together when traditional dating is out of the question. Now offering the wish list on its profiles, a DrYnks first date can be more than any other date you have been on before!

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