DrYnks Influencer Program

Online dating for those in a different league

DrYnks Influencer Program

Online dating for those in a different league

With DrYnks’ Influencer program, we want you more than just a customer. You become our partner in our growth.

• You make $50 for every “active” member you refer. 

• You make residual income for years as people who have signed up under you, go on dates through our referral program (explained below)

Drynks is a new dating platform where successful guys (or girls) incentivize beautiful people (again, girls or guys) to go on dates. They do this by leading into the date with not only the thoughts behind the date location such as the quality of the restaurant, but also with how thoughtful they are about their dates such as paying for their parking or even sending a Limo to pick them up.

This document will explain:

1. How you can make money as a DrYnks Influencer, member, and in it’s referral program
2. What we consider as “Active” referral member
3. Features of DrYnks that make us better than any other competitor

How You Make Money with Drynks

As a DrYnks Influencer you make $50 for every active member you refer.
• You get to decide how many videos you make (we recommend 4 per month). The more videos, the more signups, and the more commission to you
• You must join DrYnks with 5 gorgeous pix of yourself so you have your own referral code. You can then post and promote it anywhere you wish or to anyone that you like.   You get your “referral code” by going under the “Banks” tab and copying your unique link assigned to you

We consider a member Active, once they have a chat conversation with another member. Simple as that. And you will receive $50 for referring this member.

How You Make Money as a DrYnks Member

  • In addition to being an Influencer, you can also make money as a DrYnks Member by actually going on dates. This will also give you ideas on what videos to make. (more video ideas later on the features of DrYnks)

  • As a member (user) you make money

    • You can go on dates to nice restaurants and be pampered. Funds verified for your Limo or Uber service before date and discreetly transferred to your DrYnks account. How you spend the money is up to you, you can spend it on your Limo or simply keep the cash.

    • Opening Chats with each person gets you $1. We recommend you open chat with a 100 people!

    • Going on Phone Chat or Video Chat Date earns you between $3-$30 (you can see the other person without having to give out your personal info). During Virtual Dates, the other person can gift you items from your Wish List

    • You can ask for gifts from your Wish List

    • You can upload and sell videos to selected individuals. Members CANNOT buy the videos without your prior approval. 

    • You earn $1-$5 for every attachment you share while on a chat using our platform. 

How You Make Money with DrYnks Referral Program

  • In addition to the Influencer Program, and in addition to going on dates, you can make additional money from the Referral program

  • As mentioned, you get a unique link from the “Banks” section to have people sign up under you. In addition to the commission we pay ($10 for people who want to go on dates and $20 for people who want to pay for dates) you get $25 more when any of the people under you go on a paid date through the DrYnks platform. Yes, that’s in addition to all the other money you make

  • Referrals go 3 levels deep. So, you make money from people you refer, and people they refer, and people they refer. The system automatically tracks everyone under you, and tally’s up the dates they have gone. In your “referred Hierarchy” you can see every who has signed up under you, and in your “bank” section you can see how much in referrals you have earned

  • Each referral can earn up to $250 generated from dates, which means you could be getting paid for years for that referral. The percentages and a nifty video exist explaining everything under the “banks” tab

What is a DrYnksNow Date vs. a Regular DrYnks Date

  • A DrYnksNow date focuses on the date itself, not necessarily on the person. So, let’s say I was from out of town and going to be in town for one night next week, or I wanted a date for next Saturday. Instead of messaging 50 girls, then seeing who responds, then opening chat with them, and then asking them if they are available next Saturday, I just set up a DrYnksNow date for next Saturday, offer the restaurant and the pampering I want, and automatically every person in that vicinity pops up, and I select the ones I want to invite. The date then goes onto a public board where others can see it and show interest

In your case, you would set up a DrYnksNow date for next week, at a restaurant you want, and ask for the pampering you want and set the date. Then do a video on your IG that says, guy’s I have a DrYnksNow date set for next week (don’t tell them where, because location stays private until they pay… we don’t want a 100 guys rolling up on you). Then all your followers would join DrYnks and click that they are “interested” in your DrYnksNow date. You see the 50 people who have shown interest, and unlock chat with as many as you want. Then you could do a Virtual Date with them and see who you like best and who is creepy, and then accept the guy or guys that you do like. The first one of the guys that you accept to fund the date, wins that date and you guys are off to your date. At the start of the date, you both press the “Start Date” button, and funds transfer.

What makes us better

    • Integrity. No fake profiles, no bots, no scams

    • Verified profiles and making it difficult to have fake accounts; Ratings on profiles so you know people are real, punctual, fun. No catfishing

    • Funds verification so you know money is real, and discreet funds transfer (avoids awkwardness); Public-only meets (safety); Set up for DrYnks, not Sex (think about it “Seeking Benefits” or “Secret Benefits” “How Much You are..” connotation vs. DrYnks)

    • Save time by asking for funds to be put up. Save time by setting a DrYnksNow date

    • Virtual Dates, video sales, getting paid for chats

    • Referral Program that pays