15 Things To Expect When Dating A Millionaire

What to Expect When Dating a Millionaire

Everyone dreams of living the life of luxury. However, only a few can actually live this kind of lifestyle. It isn’t a crime to want the best in life, that’s why many aspire to date someone who is rich or a millionaire. If you are curious about how to live this kind of life, you must know what to expect when dating a millionaire. 


What to Expect When Dating a Millionaire


When you choose to date a rich man , you might have a few ideas as to what kind of life you’re about to live. Throw those expectations out the door. There are a few surprising things you need to know about before dating a millionaire.

1. Not having to pick up the check

This is one of the obvious perks that you get to enjoy when dating a millionaire. If you don’t consider yourself a high roller, it is the perfect opportunity to sample the life of luxury without keeping an eye on your wallet. All you have to do is show up on your date and let them worry about paying for everything.

2. Live the VIP life

Dating a millionaire allows you to live like the royals do. You can expect to enjoy VIP seats at baseball or football games, reservations to the most exclusive restaurants, and private jet rides. You can also expect to be treated with better customer service (as compared to when you’re not going with a millionaire).

things you need to know about before dating a millionaire

3. Try new experiences

You not only get to upgrade your lifestyle when you date a millionaire, you can also enjoy experiences you have never tried before (or never will in your life, unless you are with a rich man). These experiences can range from visiting exotic villas, staying in ski retreats, or even renting an island. These extraordinary experiences require a lot of money, and that’s why they are exclusive to the rich and famous.

4. Rubbing elbows with other millionaires

One of the things that you should expect when you date a millionaire is that you will get to meet other millionaires – friends of your partner. It can be intimidating at first, especially since these people are out of your financial bracket and they may be very different from the people you are used to hanging out with. Do your best to blend in and be as friendly as possible.

5. He’s working all the time

There’s a reason why millionaires enjoy the kind of lifestyle that they do. They work hard for it! For this reason, you can expect your partner to spend a lot of time working. In fact, he might be working long hours or not be around for several days at a time. He has plenty of things to think about such as his business ventures and other investments. Don’t expect that by dating you will change this work-life balance, so it is best to mark time off in your schedules to make sure that he has time for you.

6. Treating him would be difficult

What do you give someone who has everything? Finding a gift for your partner is hard enough, but this task becomes more difficult when you have to consider that the recipient is a millionaire who can probably afford anything that he wants. The trick here is to find him a meaningful gift; a gift with a value that is not equated with its cost.

7. Be prepared for the ego

Successful men (or individuals) know what they are capable of doing. And they are fully aware that they have the track record to prove it. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of millionaires have an aura of confidence about them that makes them appear egotistical.

8. His millionaire friends will take some time to come around

Most of his friends will be instinctively protective of him. There is a common notion that women only date millionaires for the money. Don’t be upset when they assume you are the same. However, don’t let yourself be disrespected either.

9. Plenty of people will try to catch his eye

When people see you living the millionaire lifestyle, they want a piece of that too. Therefore, you might notice that other women might want to catch your millionaire’s eye. Some millionaires are used to this kind of attention from women. If you are uncomfortable, you can let your partner know so he is aware of how they respond to the attention directed at him.

10. Plans can change at a moment’s notice

This could mean an impromptu holiday to an overseas tropical destination or a surprise meal at a fancy restaurant. Being with a millionaire is like living life on the edge.

11. Not all millionaires are high rollers

One of the things that you have to expect when dating a millionaire is that some of them live a modest life. Therefore, you can’t always expect him to splurge on holidays or dates. However, if you want to be with someone who is financially stable, this may be the best solution.

12. Not all millionaires are interested in long-term dating

Again, not all millionaires are the same. Some might want to settle while others only want to date casually. It is important to be open to your partner about your expectations so that you are both on the same page.

13. Lavish generosity

Another perk of dating a millionaire is that you can expect lavish gifts, even when you are not celebrating a special occasion. These gifts can be material-based such as an expensive watch or designer jewelry. In other cases, it can be experiences such as a trip to your dream destination or a concert ticket to see your favorite musician.

Things To Expect When Dating A Millionaire

14. Show sincerity

A lot of millionaires are aware that some of the women they date might only be interested in their money. If you are serious about this relationship, show him that money is not the only thing you care about. Be invested in him personally and the experiences that you have together, rather than how much he makes.

15. You’ll be called a gold digger

Last but not least, if you want to know what to expect when dating a millionaire, it’s this: you will be called a gold digger. It does not matter if you have a genuine, romantic relationship with the other person. It does not matter if he feels deeply for you. It does not matter if you are in a mutually healthy and happy relationship. You will still be regarded by many as a gold digger. If you choose to date a millionaire, you have to live with this fact. 

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