Rules for Dating and DrYnks

Dating has changed tremendously over the years – if you think about how your first date was versus how dating is today, there is a huge difference; there is no denying that. For centuries, courting and dating have been spun as the beginning stages of marriage. You have heard it, “dating is the audition for marriage,” and if the person doesn’t fit the bill, you move on to the next. Now the year is 2022 – most of us have been through a great pandemic – and we are tired of “auditioning” for a walk-on role in our own life – who wants to think about marriage right now anyway?

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DrYnks is changing the way that people look at dating. No more defining the date for more than what it is – a date. We want to share what we think the rules are for dating in 2022; consider it our rules for dating, dinner, and DrYnks.

Rule #1: Put Yourself Out There (and Be Confident)

You can’t date if you don’t join a dating platform. It is kind of like trying to sell a car without putting the “for sale” sign in the windshield. So the first rule of any sort of dating is putting yourself out there and being confident about it. You also need to be clear when filling out your profile – don’t lead someone on if they want more than you do. You also don’t have to date to find a marriage partner – whatever happened to just having fun?

Rule #2: Have Fun!
Dates don’t have to be serious. They can be meeting or dinner and drinks or even just hitting the local bowling alley to play a few frames. You don’t have to start picking out china patterns or brides people just yet – in fact, it is best just to see where the date leads you. DrYnks makes it possible for you to go on a date without spending hours searching profiles. DrYnksNow is how you set up a date and send out the feelers to see who is available in the area for that day and time. Pay for the date and meet, which is all you have to do. Oh, and have some fun!

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Rule #3: Connections Take Time

You can’t rush the feelings, and you can’t pretend they are there if they are not. Don’t ghost the other person, but be honest and communicate with them. “I would like to see you again,” or “I had fun, but I don’t think we will be doing this again.” You will know on your date if you want to continue talking to the person, and you may be nothing more than friends when all is said and done, but you have to remember that meaningful connections take time.

The 2022 Dating Bottom Line

The bottom line for dating in 2022 is simple – having fun. The days of going out on dates or shuffling through endless profiles to find the right one are over; a new age of dating is upon us, and DrYnks is at the forefront of the movement. Dating doesn’t have to be about finding the right one – only the one right no!

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