How to Attract Love with the Law of Attraction

how to find love with the law of attraction

The law of attraction is a concept that many have heard of but only a few have manifested in their lives.  Known as “the secret,” it has been mentioned so many times in self-help books and guides that its meaning has been watered down. But the concept of the Law of Attraction is much deeper than that. It’s not wishful thinking or some kind of magic formula. 

Read on to find out how to find love with the law of attraction, as well as benefit other relationships in your life.

How to Attract Love with the Law of Attraction

A lot of people have a wrong notion of what the Law of Attraction is. This leads them to see it as ineffective when they don’t end up getting what they wanted. 

For example, if you are single and are seeking a partner, you may find yourself asking these questions in your quest for love.

  • Why am I alone? 
  • Why haven’t I found the perfect partner yet? 
  • When will the Universe bring me the partner I’ve been longing for?

These are questions that a lot of people looking for love often find themselves asking. But it is not in line with the Law of Attraction in terms of attracting love into your life. In fact, having this mindset is part of the reason why you haven’t manifested a relationship in your life.

The reason for this is that your focus is on what’s lacking in your life, not what you want. The law of attraction isn’t about repeatedly complaining about your lack of a romantic partner hoping that he/she will eventually appear.

Knowing how to attract love with the law of attraction is about manifesting what you want, not simply your desire of something. You always tell yourself that you want a partner; instead, focus on who your perfect partner is. Say “I want to be with someone who is ambitious and driven,” instead of “I want to find the love of my life.” 

If you manifest the latter statement, your focus will shift towards why you haven’t found the love of your life yet. But if you manifest the former statement, you will attract a person who’s ambitious and driven into your life. There’s a huge difference there.

self love to manifest love using law of attraction

5 Ways to Manifest and Attract Love

Now that you’ve defined what the law of attraction is, it is important to delve deeper into how you can apply that to your personal relationship. That way, you can apply it to your own life so that you can manifest the kind of love that you’re seeking. 

Manifest Love to Yourself First

Attracting love into your life won’t happen until you learn to love and accept yourself first. This is the golden rule. 

Dating experts believe that the degree with which you love and accept yourself will determine the quality of relationships and partners you attract. If you have low self-esteem and you try to manifest a relationship, you could end up with a relationship that is mediocre in quality because you accept whatever kind of love that is thrown your way. On the flip side, you can also drive your partner away since your low self-esteem can lead to jealousy and insecurities in your relationship. It’s never good.

By keeping your self-acceptance high, you don’t sell yourself short. You are able to keep a reasonable standard for what you would consider as an ideal partner. 

Make sure you’re okay with yourself first before you seek out love from others. How do you expect others to give you love when you can’t do that for yourself? 

Write a List of Things You Want

This is where visualization comes in – picture your ideal partner. As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t just manifest a relationship into your life. Focus on the qualities that you would want from the partner you seek.

If you have to, you can even write it down so you don’t forget and you are always reminded of these qualities. Visualize yourself with this person. Rehearse it several times in your mind until you meet someone and you can see for yourself that this is exactly the person you want. By knowing exactly who you want as your partner, you will never settle again. 

Declare and Believe

Using the law of attraction to find love requires that you let go of judgment. How many relationships have you turned your back on because you were overly judgmental or you ended up nitpicking? It’s good to know what you want, but you have to keep an open mind too. 

If you are too focused on making sure that every item on your checklist is ticked, then you might be sabotaging your own endeavors. Don’t focus too hard on trying to find the perfect partner. You might not even know what makes you happy until you find it. Quit this idea of perfection in your mind. Fairy tales only happen in books. 

Show Gratitude

A sense of gratitude is good to have in your life, whether you are using it to attract love or not. Cultivating a sense of gratitude in your life lets you gain a deeper appreciation for the kind of relationship that you aspire to have.

Being grateful puts you in a positive vibe. When you feel good, you attract more good things in your life. This is the Law of Attraction at work here! 

applying law of attraction to manifest love

Surrender to Your Feelings

Surrendering to your feelings might be a scary prospect for many people looking for love. Surrendering means that you put yourself in a vulnerable position wherein there is a possibility that you could get hurt. 

Give yourself the permission to go on and enjoy life the best way you can. You just have to trust your subconscious mind and the universe to work things out in your favor. 

There are plenty of people out there who want to know how to attract love with the law of attraction.  However, while it is important to go after what you want, it isn’t a good idea to force things, especially relationships. The purpose of manifesting love through the law of attraction is to find a good match. If a person isn’t a match for you, manifesting love from them might not be what makes both of you happy, even if you do end up together. 

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