How to Ask Someone Out by Text

ow to ask someone out by text so that you can get them to say yes

Modern technology is a wonderful thing and has made it easier to connect with your family, friends, and that special someone. In this digital age, a lot of people have utilized the power of technology to make meeting someone and dating people a bit easier – or so it would seem. If you find yourself fumbling with words when asking someone out face-to-face, you might think asking them out by text is an easier way to do it.

In this guide, you will learn how to ask someone out by text so that you can get them to say “yes!” 

Is it Okay to Ask Someone Out by Text?

Texting is the main form of communication these days. You can talk to someone in real time and then instantly get their response. Mastering this method of communication could land you that date you’ve always dreamed of. 

First and foremost, you need to address the most basic question here: is it okay to ask someone out by text? The answer to this is that it depends on your situation.

If you have known each other for a while now, and you have communicated over text for some time, then it is okay to ask them out via text. But if you have only known them for a short time, it might be better if you get to know them a little better before asking them out. You can definitely do that over exchanging some texts just to show someone that you genuinely want to get to know them. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it also increases your chances of getting that “yes.”

But since you don’t get to see the other person’s facial expression when they read your text, it can also be difficult to assess how well you’ve crafted your message. It is nerve-wracking having to wait for them to send their reply. 

tips on how to ask someone on a date by text

How to Ask Someone Out by Text: 7 Tips

If you are ready to ask someone out by text, here are some tips that will help you in this process.

  1. Take the time to get to know the other person.

There is no need to rush into asking someone to go out on a date. Spend some time getting to know them better through text or other forms of communication

Show your genuine interest towards the person – their hobbies, passion, and interests in life. If they feel that you are interested in getting to know them, they will appreciate the effort and are more likely to agree to going out on a date with you.

  1. Open up about yourself too.

As much as you want to get to know the other person, it is also important to show your vulnerabilities and open up about yourself too. There is an art to doing this that ensures you don’t end up talking about yourself to a point that it turns the other person off. 

Be honest and transparent when you open up to them. Don’t try to fake things just so you can impress them. Being true to yourself can go a long way to getting your prospect to like you back.

  1. Give them an honest compliment

There is no secret to asking someone out by text. You just have to let them know what you like about them and explain why you want to go out with them. For example, you can text them, “I really enjoy talking with you. Would you like to have some coffee or grab dinner sometime?”

The secret to giving compliments is to be meaningful when you give them. Don’t just give compliments for the sake of it. 

  1. Keep it lighthearted

You don’t want to be too serious when composing your text message to ask your crush out for a date. Keep it light and funny. It can be a turn-off to some people when you get too serious too fast. 

Let them feel that you have no major expectations from this date outside of wanting to spend some time with me and getting to know them a little bit better. That way, you can both go on this date with no major pressure and just have fun spending time together.

best tips to ask someone out over text

  1. Be specific

It is nerve-wracking to ask someone out by text. However, don’t try to beat around the bush. Let them know that you are asking them out for a date. Avoid using vague phrases that would only be confusing to the recipient. Instead of saying, “Want to hang?” say “Would you like to go out on a date or see a movie?

Don’t keep the other person guessing because they don’t want to make assumptions that would end up embarrassing them.

  1. Capture his/her attention

When you are so used to texting with someone, it can be easy to treat this text message just like any others you send. But, you need to make an extra effort when texting someone to ask them out. Explore creative ideas that you can try to capture his/her attention and make it difficult to say no. 

  1. Use correct spelling and grammar

If you really want to impress your prospective date, you need to put effort into the text. This means you should avoid using text speak. It is not uncommon for most young people to use shortcuts when texting, but you can’t do that when asking someone out.

For example, don’t text them “”How R U?” This can be a major turn-off because it conveys the impression that you are like any other person they text with. Instead, send them this message instead: “How are you doing today? If you are free, would you like to meet up and get some ice cream (or any dessert of your choice)?

Always double-check your messages before you hit send.

  1. Give them time to respond

Even if you have been communicating with someone by text for a while, you have to understand that they have other things to do in life as well. If you don’t hear back, avoid bombarding them with texts. It could be that they are busy and they haven’t had the chance to read your message yet or that they haven’t decided yet. 

Give them a reasonable amount of time before you send them another message. If they don’t respond at all, then you have to respect their decision. 

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