Connect with a click to our elite members! Guaranteed.

We’ve taken the concept of dating, flipped it 180, and put a luxury stamp on it. Simply select the (hand-vetted!) individuals that catch your eye, and like magic, with our platinum program, you’ll have a date with one of our Elite Members, Guaranteed.

Elite Status, VIP Treatment and Concierge Service

From unlimited chats to our first-of-its-kind concierge service – depending on your package of choice – we’re saying ‘no’ to time-consuming chit-chat and ‘yes’ to dates to remember. Did somebody say… first-class meetups?

Be authentically you.

We get it, it’s the advice your mom has been giving you since your middle-school breakup. But it’s true – we want to find somebody who likes you for the things that make you…you. We’re talking your genius mind, your killer physique, your creative spark, your unwavering kindness, or a little bit of everything.

Rate your date.

We’ll admit it – we love getting the lowdown. Whether he’s a smooth talker, she’s a natural beauty, or you suspect their profile snaps belong in a time capsule, we’ll be here with open ears waiting for the post-date 411. And it’s not just  because we’re nosy inquisitive. We want to keep our community exactly how it should be – fun, safe, and honest, using the power of data to keep bad apples out.

We take your safety personally.

We’re big on convenience, but we’re even bigger on safety. Challenging our development team to take your well-being a hop, skip, and step further, we’re bringing you all the excitement, without the risks. Think in-app calls, rigorous vetting processes, and the ability to only set up your date in a public location, keeping your phone number, social media, and location top-secret. Shh!

Show your
best side.

We’re not saying you must give to receive – but it certainly helps. Helping you look great, we’ll give you the tools to show your date just  how generous you are. From sending an Uber Black to your date’s door and setting up a meet in the hottest spot in town to purchasing a gift from their on-page wish list, we believe the small touches make all the difference. Seriously – try it.

We love romance.

We’re a dating app. Of course we’d say that. But we’re talking mind-blowingly good connections, from the “I’ve got a text!” butterflies to those  late-night calls, where one last sweet nothing becomes more important than sleep. It’s about blowing their expectations out of the water, finding that someone who fits your lifestyle like a jigsaw piece, and throwing yourself into the world of dating head-first. Don’t look down.

It’s just DRYNKS.

That’s it. No expectations. No pressure.